Construction Project - Driveways and Patios

Here you will find a description of the construction process from a recent Driveway and Patio contract.

Removal Of Unwanted Foliage

Clearing of the proposed developed area of all unwanted trees, plants and shrubs.



Removal Of Previous Work

Break out exsisiting paving.

Onsite removal of hardcore

The cleaning and storing or Disposal of existing paving.


Calculating the final level of the site

Survey the remaining over-site, decide the set level and agree on an overall design.


Site after excavation to decided level

Excavate over-site to the agreed formation levels and dispose of waste.




The laying and covering of the geotextile membrane

Provide and install a geotextile membrane with a limestone scalpings sub base.




Installing the chosen slabs

Provide and lay agreed flagstone design on a 25mm prepared mortar bed.


Finished Patio

Hand point flagstone joints to finish.


Edge restraint

Provide and install agreed driveway paving, bedded and backed with concrete, as new edge restraint to proposed new driveway.


Laying paving

Provide and install driveway paving, on 50mm of compacted and screeded sharp sand, to agreed pattern.

Cutting to inset manhole

Cut and compact paving and sweep in jointing sand to finish.

Finished Driveway